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Working parents need to know that their kids are well cared for while they are at work. Accessing quality, affordable childcare was a real challenge before the pandemic struck and has become even more difficult since.

The failure of successive Liberal and Conservative governments to put in place a national childcare program is the reason that the childcare deficit has been unresolved for decades. Now, the crisis in childcare is standing in the way of Canada’s economic recovery.

It should not be news to anyone that women are an essential part of the Canadian economy. Employers and customers alike depend upon the experience, training and expertise of women in every sector of the economy.

A landmark survey showed that approximately one third of women are presently considering leaving the workforce because they cannot secure safe, reliable childcare during the pandemic. If we want to get the economy back on track, we have to support women who want to work with proper childcare.

The NDP believes that all Canadians should have access to quality, affordable childcare. It is a longstanding cornerstone of NDP election platforms and action in the House of Commons.

We believe there is a leadership role for the federal government to fund and build the childcare system we know working parents need. With the support of Canadians from coast to coast to coast, we can and we will form a government to get this done.

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How childcare shortages hurt the economy

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

"High quality childcare is at the heart of the 21st century economy and modern family realities. Pandemic or not, without this political understanding, we will never implement the policy mechanisms and infrastructure that early learning and childcare requires – neither during this global crisis, nor for the recovery to follow." -Susan Prentice 

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"Given widespread uncertainty surrounding the format of children's schooling in the fall (and the potential for a virtual/in-class blend), if mothers are unable to work remotely and have been laid off, they may hesitate to seek out new work while their child requires daytime supervision at home" - Dawn Desjardins, Carrie Freestone, and Naomi Powell.

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Taking Action

In a special summer sitting of the House of Commons this August, the NDP presented a motion calling for a $2 billion transfer to provinces and territories to support a safe return to school and child care in the fall. The motion passed unanimously, but it needs to be followed up with a plan supported by reliable, ongoing funding.

You can be part of the pressure to make safe, reliable, affordable childcare a reality for families across Canada!

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